Intervet Australia Poultry Products

HVT-CA Marek's Disease VaccineFor use in the prevention of Marek's Disease in commercial poultry. Each glass ampoule contains a specific number of cell-associated, living Herpes Virus of turkey strain NBSL/S.AR.
Intervet Nobilis® CAV P4 VaccineFor the protection of chicken progeny against Chicken Anaemia Virus (CAV) disease by immunisation of breeders.
Intervet Nobilis® FAV VaccineProtects chickens against homologous type-8 FAV infection (Inclusion Body Hepatitis).
Intervet Nobilis® Fowl Pox VaccineFor use in the prevention of Fowl Pox in chickens and turkeys.
Intervet Nobilis® IB VaccineFor use in the prevention of Infectious Bronchitis (IB) in chickens.
LOTAGEN®For the treatment of fresh or old wounds in all species, available as a liquid concentrate or a gel.
Nobilis® EDS + ND VaccineA combined inactivated vaccine against EDS'76 and Newcastle Disease.
Nobilis® EDS VaccineFor the protection of laying hens against Egg Drop Syndrome 1976 (EDS '76).
Nobilis® GUMBORO + ND VaccineA combined inactivated vaccine against Gumboro (Infectious Bursal Disease) and Newcastle Disease.
Nobilis® GUMBORO VaccineFor use in the protection of chickens against Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD). The vaccine is recommended for the booster vaccination of breeding stock against IBD virus in order to protect the offspring of vaccinated birds against IBD.
Nobilis® NEWCAVAC VaccineAn inactivated vaccine for the protection of layer and breeder chickens against sickness and death due to Newcastle disease in early-mid lay.
Nobilis® RISMAVAC Marek's Disease VaccineA live cell-associated chicken herpes virus vaccine for the prevention of Marek's Disease (MD) of chickens.
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