Unlock the benefits of Cepralock®

Cepralock is the new teat sealant for Australian dairies to help protect against mastitis. MSD has listened to the needs and wants of Australian dairy producers and created a teat sealant that ticks all the boxes. 

Precision Protection

Cepralock’s dual tip syringe gives dairy producers greater flexibility and more precision during dry off. The recommended shorter tip option is designed to help reduce infections and lesions1,2.

Partial insertion with shorter tip:

  • Minimises the risk of accidental damage to the teat sphincter, canal and keratin lining during administration1,2.
  • Reduces the risk of introducing bacteria and/or contaminants into the udder.

Less air, less effort

Cepralock has a smaller air pocket within the syringe compared to other Australian teat sealants and a short plunger length, both of which are designed for smooth and fast application.

Cepralock’s smaller air pocket, which can be seen in the x-ray to the right, may seem like a small detail but it can make all the difference when drying off lots of cows during a stressful time at the dairy. 

Brought to you by a trusted partner

Cepralock is brought to you by MSD Animal Health
– the manufacturer of Cepravin® dry cow antibiotic.

Cepralock is produced in MSD Animal Heath’s own facilities to ensure the highest standards of quality and consistency. What’s more, Cepralock is backed by our sales and technical team.

For more information on Cepralock, call 1800 226 511. 


Cepralock Label

1. S McDougall, 2003. Management factors associated with the incidence of clinical mastitis over the non-lactation period and bulk tank somatic cell count during the subsequent lactation, New Zealand Veterinary Journal, 51:2, 63-72.
2. Boddie & Nickerson, 1986. Dry Cow Therapy, Effects of Method of Drug Administration on Occurrence of Intramammary Infection, J. Dairy Sci 69, 253-257.